Guy  Koekelbergh

What does contain my knowledge of shirts ?

The business plan. The budget.
How many shirts do we want to produce/day?
Investigation about the custom situation in the country where we want to produce.
Investigation about the company constitution in the country where we want to produce.
Investigation about taxes, corporate, personal, import/export on equipment and material.
How we finance? How do we write of?
I consider my field of concern only the production site, so I conveniently do not speak here about the marketing/commercial site of the shirt business.

Construction of a building suited for shirt production. I count at minimum 1m2/shirt/day. Installation of the factory according to international (USA) safety standards. Compliance to fire department regulations.
The machine park
Cutting room: Computer assisted pattern development en marker plotting, cutting room tables, cutters, presses continue or flat, band saw, guillotine, labeling and bundling, storage of raw material.

Sewing department:
Electronic, auto thread cut, Lockstitch, sewing machines; chain stitch 1 needle sewing machine; 1 needle sewing machines with cutter; double needle lockstitch or chain stitch Machine; Direct-drive, High-speed, Needle-feed, Lockstitch Machine with an Automatic Thread Trimmer; 1-needle, Bottom & Variable Top-feed Lockstitch Machine; overlocker;
Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine; Chain stitch or Lockstitch Button Sewing Machine;
Steam generators and steam pipe distribution system; Ironing tables and hand irons; Folding tables;

Selection of the staff and workers.
Instruction of each individual of the factory. Learn the girls how to stitch, the cutters to cut etc.
Installation of the technological process of shirt manufacturing.

Fine tuning the quality.
Fine tuning the productivity.
Installation of the procedures for the internal order sheet. We usually make the order sheets in AutoSketch® .
Installation of packing procedures, according to the clients requirements, labels, barcodes, box stickers, box assortisments,swing tickets, price labels etc.
Installation and supervision of the quality control system.
Installation and supervision of the maintenance crew.

Daily running of the factory.
Personnel administration (social security laws, unions, safety comity etc), tax administration, Custom administration.

1 Cutting and pressing

   Pre Assembly

2 Sleeves
3 Front parts
4 Back part
5 Collars
6 Cuffs

7Assembly line
8 Ironing department
9 Folding department

And to conclude this: Making of the basic pattern. In my factories I use only one basic pattern. I make and fine tune this pattern myself. I forbid categorically for my cutting room personnel to touch this pattern. Only size modifications are made, to satisfy the needs of the individual client. We never cut in the pattern of the client, but always in our own. This, for a better control of the quality of our shirts.
I speak fluent English, Netherlands, French, German, Romanian and can make myself understandable in Arabic
I am good with computers, I make this web site myself.