Our trip through Cambodia
We traveled around Phnom Pen to find Shirt Confection factories. In the meanwhile we had also a bit of time to look around. The first thing that overwhelms you is the moistures heat, that hangs over your shoulders like a wool blanket, as soon you put one food outside. Compared to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, the heat was here really unbearably HOT HOT HOT. The peoples where friendly and a lot spoke English, not like in China were NOBODY spoke nothing at all.
Be careful with dengue-fever and Malaria here. I got bitten by a mosquito and the nurse in the hospital said that I could better pray, for the next 14 days, if by than nothing happened I was lucky, and I was. The locals in PP also said that you better not walk around in the night alone, so I tried (with 1.9 meter and 1.86 kg), but the tallest Cambodian is only 1.6 m and even at 24:00 a clock nobody disturbed me. The food was ok, if you like seafood, noodle soup, prawn rice etc. All Cambodia, that has a car, drives a Toyota Camry. The city has that typical smell of mould and moister. After 10 days we where not unhappy to fly to Vietnam, holé.